BERNADETTE GEYER is a poet and freelance writer/editor.

Geyer's first full-length manuscript, The Scabbard of Her Throat, was selected by Cornelius Eady for publication in the Hilary Tham Capital Collection series of The Word Works.  Her poetry has appeared in The Midwest Quarterly, North American Review, Oxford American, Verse Daily, and elsewhere.

Geyer's non-fiction has appeared in, Border Crossing, Freelance Writer's Report, Go World Travel, The Montserrat Review, and WRITERS' Journal.

Geyer also provides freelance editorial services for writers and businesses.

I am the "Poet of the Week" over at The Paris-American, for the week of 23-30 July 2014.

An audio recording of my poem "Dead Men," originally published in Issue #20 of Rattle, is now available on the journal's web site.

My poem, "Parable of the Great Outpouring," is the featured poem for the week of 2 February 2014 at Heron Tree, and will be archived here.

Redux: A Literary Journal posted three of my poems on 27 January 2014: "Fire Ants Invade Hong Hock See Buddhist Temple," "Remembering Is Short," and "Haunting."

And poems forthcoming in Birmingham Poetry Review and 2015 Poet's Market.

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The Scabbard of Her Throat, poems by Bernadette Geyer
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Geyer will lead six online workshops, beginning this fall:

Poetry Exercises to Jump-Start Your Muse - I
Begins: 8 September 2014
Are you tired of sitting around waiting for the muse to bring you the gift of an idea for a poem? Jump-start your muse with this workshop. For four weeks, you will receive inspiration for generating new poems, ideas you can return to time and time again to reinvigorate your writing. Themed lessons will be posted weekly, featuring example poems, articles, essays, and links to additional reading. Participants will submit drafts weekly for thoughtful, individual feedback from the instructor. For more information, or to register, click here. US$100.00.

Establishing Your Online Presence
Begins: 8 September 2014
Afraid to dive into the waters of social media for fear of getting all wet? This workshop provides an overview of the ways creative writers can use the internet and social media to their advantage when cultivating a market for their work (e.g., Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). Materials will be distributed weekly for the first three weeks. In week four, students will post links to what they have set up over the course of the workshop so that they may receive feedback from fellow participants and the instructor. For more information, or to register, click here (Link is not yet posted at The Writer's Center.. I will post a link as soon as it's available.).

And more... To see the full schedule, click here.